Dinggly Kitchen Call , with mini call button


Dinggly Kitchen Call Base Pack – mini call button


Dinggly’s kitchen-to-waiter call systems ensure orders are collected from the pass on time and with minimum duplicated effort. Its unique features and benefits make it simple to use in a pressurised environment.

Calls from the button are received on your existing mobile devices. Therefore it’s a perfect solution for venues already using these devices as part of their service, minimising extra hardware and some inevitable loss or breakage.

As it works over WiFi / cellular networks, Dinggly is particularly suitable where the kitchen and dining area are separated by multiple floors or there are exceptionally thick walls, such as found in castles or cellars and basements.

Each system comes with a call button and 2-10 Dinggly app annual logins, which must be renewed each year. App renewals can be purchased here. You can install the app on as many devices as you wish, you are just limited as to how many individuals can be logged in at once.

14 day money-back guarantee and 3-month 0% payment option via PayPal Pay Later option at checkout.

  • Base pack includes: 1 x call button, 2 x Dinggly app logins. Select additional logins as required
  • Robust call button making a single call type “Service”. It is typically placed at the pass and presses whenever orders are ready for collection.
  • Staff swipe the call in the app to confirm they are attending*
  • All other staff are are notified when somebody else responds, minimising duplicated effort
  • The button confirms the call has been made (the LED turns blue) and when someone acknowledges (the LED turns green)
  • Super-simple operation – no stickers to write out or codes to remember
  • Call button has a long battery life and issues alerts when recharging is required
  • 12 month warranty

*alternatively the calls can simply time out. If you wish this setting, email help@dinggly.com after receipt of your button, quoting the number on the base of the button. Use subject line “Kitchen Call auto time out request


Additional information

Number of app logins

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10