Dinggly for exam rooms – 6 pack


The silent, wireless call button that connects to mobile phones and computer browsers. This purchase is for 6 buttons.


Requesting assistance from exam rooms has never been easier. One touch of a Dinggly button sends a call to one or more mobile phones and/or desktop browsers. This purchase is for 6 buttons. Individual buttons are also available.

  • Dinggly call buttons connect to your WiFi network, relaying the call to your colleagues, via the cloud
  • The button confirms the call has been made (the LED turns blue) and when someone acknowledges (the LED turns green)
  • If multiple people receive the call, all are notified when somebody else responds
  • Easily change the name of a button online, for example from “Main Hall” to ‘Sports Hall”
  • Call buttons have a long battery life and automatically send emails when recharging is required
  • 3 year warranty

Dinggly for exam rooms requires a ‘receiving license’ login to receive the calls (available from this shop as single or triple logins)