Exam room call receiving login – 3 pack


Login to receive Dinggly for exam room calls (12 months). This product provides 3 logins


These call receiving logins work with ‘Dinggly for exam room’ call button systems only. They are heavily discounted in light of the vast majority or exam room systems having light and highly seasonal use.

Each receiving login provides you with an access for a mobile phone or computer browser to receive calls. As many devices as you choose can have the app installed / visit the browser – the logins limits the number that can be concurrently receive calls.

The login license period is 1 year. You will be reminded to reorder 2 weeks before your logins expire (there is no auto renewal).

This product provides 3 logins. Individual logins are also available.

Additional information

Is this license for a new or existing system?

New system, Existing system