Dinggly Wrist Pager


Dinggly Wrist Pager


  • Designed for use with Dinggly Calling Disk and button systems
  • Silent vibrate and audible chime settings
  • Touch-screen. Waterproof IP64
  • Pager body 42mm x 56mm x 13mm. Strap + body length 270mm
  • Supplied with charging cable
  • Requires a 2.4Ghz WiFi connection (the most prevalent). Can be configured to work across up to 2 WiFi networks simultaneously.
  • Battery life 7-14 hours depending on use and your VLAN DTIM parameters
  • Rechargeable via magnetic USB charger. If you are purchasing 3+ units we recommend a charging rack (here) to organise pagers and ensure reliable charging
  • Requires a Dinggly Calling Disk annual software license to operate. 1 pager can be connected per license. For illustration, up to 3 watches could be connected to a system comprising of 30 disks.
  • Additional wrist pagers can be added to a system for £150 per annum. Purchase here
If you have any queries contact help@dinggly.com

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